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RAM Wealth Management & Financial Planning

Rewey Asset Management offers experienced, full service financial planning services.  We will work with you to build customized portfolio solutions to meet your needs, whether you are just starting to invest, or if you are nearing or in retirement.  Our investment philosophy has been crafted over four decades of professional investment experience, and our solutions are tailored to mitigate risk and maximize returns over the long-term.  

Our Rewey Asset Management financial check-up will review your total financial portfolio in relation to your long-term goals. If you haven’t reviewed your assets and liabilities in a while, or perhaps you’ve grown your portfolio yourself and never conducted a holistic review, taking the time now for a formal financial review is likely to provide insights and benefits to you for the long-term.

Some of the important questions to review include:

  • Are your personal assets correctly positioned to meet your 3-5 year goals? Your 10-20 year goals

  • How much risk are you willing to take? How much risk should you take? How much risk are you taking?


  • How are your liquid assets positioned?

    • Do you have an adequate buffer of safety cash?

    • Is your cash working for you?

    • Are you overweight or underweight stocks, bonds or cash in contrast to your long-term goals?

    • Are you over-reliant on exchange traded funds (ETF’s). Can a low fee ETF replace an expensive mutual fund in your portfolio?

    • Are you “stacking-up” performance draining fees with heavy advisor fees in addition to less visible mutual fund fees, annuity fees, brokerage commissions?

  • How are your non-liquid assets structured, and do they complement or conflict with your financial goals?

    • Do you have a mortgage on your home? What is the interest rate? The term?

    • Do you have a pension? Do you have a 401K? Are you maximizing the value of your 401K?

    • Are you trapped in an annuity that is fee heavy?

    • Do you have life insurance? Do you need life insurance?*

    • Do you have long-term or restricted assets that will provide a large future benefit, but provide little near-term liquidity or income?

    • Should you count on an inheritance?

    • Might you need to support children or parents over time?

    • Can your portfolio provide for you and your charitable goals?

  • Is your advisor a good salesperson, or a good advisor?

    • Are you trapped in a large institution that has pushed your investments into generic portfolio allocation?

    • Does your advisor contact you to sell you esoteric financial products that are opaque risk and fees?

    • How has your portfolio performed against the targets set when it was sold to you?

    • Is your advisor available to you? Do they understand the markets, or are they relying on a centralized corporate view that may or may not be implemented in a timely fashion?


If the answer to many of these questions are “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure”, we can help you think about ways to build clarity and conviction in your investment financial portfolio. There is no obligation with this review.

*Rewey Asset Management does not sell life insurance or annuities, this review would only consider the asset class insurance or annuities represent.

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