Our Rewey Asset Management investment philosophy is grounded in three fundamental pillars of financial strength, ability to grow and valuation. This approach allows us to identify companies that have the ability to deliver robust profitability over time, while avoiding those that take on excess financial leverage. It also allows us to be selective when the market offers a compelling valuation opportunity, rather than follow the herd into dangerous market bubbles. 

Three Pillar Approach

Rewey Asset Management selects companies with strong balance sheets, defined by low levels of leverage and other contingent liabilities that could drain cash. Obligations such as environmental, legal, pension or other liabilities distract management from focusing on creating value for shareholders.


Financial Strength

Rewey Asset Management believes that value and growth are not incompatible. We will not own a company that does not have the ability to grow. We dive deep into the financial and operational details of a company to identify where competitive advantage exists, how it is translated into financial returns and where the outlook for outperformance exists for the next three to five years.


Ability to Grow

Rewey Asset Management buys when we see a discount of at least 30% from fair value, and the ability to grow value from that base. Our initial holding period will target three to five years, with low turnover. Our focus on identifying only a small number of positions, from a very broad universe, allows us to invest in only our highest conviction investment ideas. 



Exceptional Client Service

Rewey Asset Management is structured with the highest ethical standards and to provide you maximum visibility of your assets.

Your account will be held in your name.  Your account will be held, traded and cleared at Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions®*.  You will control the custody of your assets, and I will serve as the investment manager for your separate account.


We have partnered with Advisory Services Network, LLC to handle our compliance and regulatory needs, ensuring top-notch client service. Rewey Asset Management is a member of Advisory Services Network, LLC .

You will receive monthly statements showing the balance, activity and performance of your account. 


You will receive detailed quarterly letters discussing  positions held, portfolio activity, investment results and  market insights.


There are no lock-up periods.


Low annual fee of 1% of assets; less than most small cap mutual funds charge for fees and expenses and considerably less than typical hedge fund structures at 2% fees plus 20% of profits.


*Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions® ("Fidelity") is an independent company, unaffiliated with Rewey Asset Management, Fidelity is a service provider to Advisory Services Network, LLC. There is no form of legal partnership, agency affiliation or similar relationship between your financial advisor and Fidelity, nor is such a relationship created or implied by the information herein. Fidelity is a registered service mark of FMR LLC. Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions® provides clearing, custody, or other brokerage services through National Financial Services LLC or Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, Members NYSE, SIPC. 895418.1.0

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